Lords are mysterious, inhuman entities of tremendous magical power. Almost never seen in person, Lords are much more likely to interact with Eisen and its inhabitants through magical acts and obedient agents. Often times, these agents are Warlocks, human beings who have entered into a contract with a Lord, swearing their allegiance in exchange for occult knowledge and power. However, Lords are just as likely to employ spirits, monsters or even outwardly mundane animals as spies and servants.

The distinction between lords and gods is murky and unclear. Both kinds of beings are powerful, distant and enigmatic. Both beings sometimes magically empower those that serve them. However, a close inspection does reveal some key differences. While its virtually unheard of for a god to appear physically and speak directly, any human with the correct knowledge can perform the ritual to make a Lord do exactly that. The desires of the gods- as given by their clergy- are relatively unchanging: protect the faith, pray, perform the rituals, offer the sacrifices. By contrast Lords seem to actively pursue complex and worldly agendas, ordering their agents to certain places, kill certain people, gather specific sacrifices.

Nonetheless, gods and lords are similar enough that many cultures don’t make the distinction. In some cases, being considered a god in some places may be a lord in others, and vice versa.


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