Life in Eisen

The essentials of life in Eisen are the same as those on Earth. Humanity is organized into distinct nations, themselves divided into cities, towns villages and hamlets where agriculture, industry and commerce take place. Human beings have the same drives as they do on earth, pursuing love, wealth, fame, and social standing.

The Moon
No sun illuminates Eisen. The oldest creation myths say that there was once a sun, the embodiment of the powerful goddess that created Eisen and all of its creatures. According to those same myths the goddess died many thousands of years ago and Eisen has been sunless ever since.

In Eisen the moon takes up many of the functions of a sun, providing light and warmth and defining a day and night cycle for the denizens of Eisen. The moon’s light has a disorienting effect on many of the monsters of Eisen, a valuable property that society exploits to live, work and travel in relative safety.

Different cultures in Eisen are politically organised in different ways.

The gossit people live underneath a feudal structure of kings and queens, dukes, counts and barons. Barons rule over individual towns and cities. Counts rule over single counties, and all of the barons therein. Dukes rule over a dukedom, composed of two to five counties. And kings rule over a kingdom, composed of two or more dukedoms.

Confusingly, any given lord can occupy multiple positions. For example, a duke will also typically rule directly over a particular county in his dukedom, thus making him both a duke and a count.

When a gossit king or queen dies, their dukes vote to choose a new king from his or her children.
The power of a gossit king of queen is not particularly great. Rather than an absolute ruler, they are better described as ‘first among equals.’ Maintaining the loyalty and cooperation of the other lords is a constant struggle.

There are five Gossit kingdoms in the quaking sea region : Albernath, Bastern, Dallanard, Rospiert and Cibero.

Law Enforcement
There is no such thing as a police force in gossit lands. Citizens must provide for their own safety and security by carrying weapons or hiring bodyguards.

When a crime is committed, it is on the victim of the crime to capture the criminal and bring them before a magistrate for judgement. Those that can afford it may hire a thief taker to perform this act for them.

Even once a case reaches trial, enforcement of the law will always be secondary to pragmatic issues. No magistrate or lord will rule against someone whose power or influence would make them a dangerous enemy.

Life in Eisen

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