On Eisen, roughly on child in five hundred is born as a tiefling. Tiefling skin tones include all of those ordinarily found in humans, but also red, pitch black, ghostly white and all shades of gray in between. Tieflings almost always have horns, typically numbering between two and four. They also have unusual eyes, often slitted vertically like a snake or being a single color throughout. Tiefling fingernails, left untrimmed, grow long and strong enough to serve as claws.

All tieflings are also sorcerers. While not all choose to develop their ability fully, all tieflings are capable of at least a little magic. Unfortunately this also means that all tieflings are potential targets for tongue thieves. Human sorcerers can conceal their status until they are strong enough to protect themselves, but tieflings are immediately identifiable from birth. Tiefling kidnappings are not uncommon.

Tieflings are regarded with a fair deal of fear and suspicion. Some believe tieflings are the result of evil spirits possessing a child before birth, or of the parents practicing black magic. There are many other popular theories along the lines of sin, evil magic and dark spirits.

When faced with a tiefling child, parents typically choose one of four options. Some take their child and flee to a tiefling ghetto or colony, such as haven or horns, where other families have gone to raise their child in relative acceptance, if not necessarily safety. Others choose to simply make do in their current home, choosing to face the suspicion of their neighbors than the dangers of an unknown land.

Some parents choose to sell the child or give it away. Some magical academies run special orphanages for tieflings. The children who display aptitude for spellcasting go on to become students. Those that do not have their tongues harvested when they are old enough.


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