Sorcerers And Wizards


In Eisen, Alloch is the language of magic. The words of Alloch are power itself, and as such they were never meant to be contained within a human mind. When a human being hears Alloch spoken they might remember the word for the merest fraction of a second, but like a dream the memory of the word immediately begins to fade.

Every so often a child is born among humans as a sorcerer. Sorcerers have a subconscious grasp of Alloch. When they have the need, the words of a spell will spring into their mind, only to disappear again as soon as it is cast. Over time, a sorcerer learns to bridge the gap between their conscious and subconscious mind, allowing them to better control and understand their magic. Mind altering drugs, near-death experiences and ascetic training are but a few of the methods sorcerers have undertook to attain this.

Long ago, ordinary human born without the gift of sorcery looked covetously upon the power of magic. They found that the most intelligent and willful were capable of hearing and remembering Alloch through intense focus. Through years of effort these individuals succeeded in retaining entire spells. To their dismay they found that Alloch had no power when spoken by an ordinary human tongue. A solution was found- if one replaced their tongue with that of a sorcerer, spellcasting became possible for an ordinary human. Later it was discovered that the tongues of tieflings or certain kinds of monsters were also effective. Those that have undergone this process are called Wizards.

Sorcerers And Wizards

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