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Eisen is a world without a sun, where thick black forests, jagged mountains and deep turbulent seas are home to monstrosities without number. Humanity clings to life in this world in the face of towering abominations, insidious witches and terrifying dark gods. This wiki is here to help you learn the basics of the setting to help you make a character.

The Quaking Sea is the region in Eisen where the campaign begins.

The Gods of Eisen are remote, unpredictable, and dangerous.

Clerics are servants of the divine, driven half-mad by the intensity of their devotion.

Tieflings are divided from ordinary folk by their alien appearance and magical power.

Sorcerers and Wizards wield the power of magic through the arcane language Alloch.

Warlocks in Eisen are hated and feared by the people for their occult craft.

Hagremora are ubiquitous and intelligent undead.

Main Page

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